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Welcome to Ahmad Dahlan Language Center

Ahmad Dahlan Language Center was established as one of the academic centers of Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta. Our mission is to help students of Ahmad Dahlan University and people at large develop literacy skills in English (and other languages) by providing language services ranging from skill-oriented courses to language skill assessment.  We also aspire to promote scholarly discussions and research on language teaching methodologies, language policies, curriculum designs and material development.

ADLC offers a whole range of programs to suit different purposes. Whether you are school-aged students wishing to excel in English subject, university students in need of upgrading TOEFL scores or improving proficiency or lecturers aspiring to undertake oversea studies and thereby required to pass IELTS, ADLC is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

For many academics,  international English tests such as IELTS and TOEFL can often pose an insurmountable obstacle to advance in their professional career. We try to recognize this and have worked hard to identify possible ways and strategies to help you meet the minimum requirement for both tests. Study with us and witness how you make progress as you are engaging in an interesting IELTS /TOEFL training at ADLC

ADLC also caters for non-Indonesian nationalities who wish to master our unique national language Bahasa Indonesia through our Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners or BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing). Indonesia has over 300 different local languages, each with different accents and varieties. However, they all speak Bahasa Indonesia as the national language. Mastering Indonesian language will guarantee you the privilege to be able to communicate with Indonesian people in all parts of Indonesia. Make sure you do not miss out this opportunity and get yourself immersed with local people.

At ADLC we truly value your precious time. We pay attention to learners’ unique individual context and differences and therefore our approach to teaching will ensure you learn with us at your comfortable pace whilst improving day-by-day towards your mastery of English or Bahasa Indonesia. As we are committed to delivering memorable learning experience to you, we train our teaching staff with the most cutting edge teaching methods to ensure our quality of delivery.

While our website is in its fledgling state,  we hope it will provide you with a flavor of what ADLC is like.

Thank you for your visit

Ahmad Budairi
Head of Ahmad Dahlan Language Center