The TOEFL preparation course is designed for those who wish to improve their scores on TOEFL. The course provides you with a review of grammatical and vocabulary knowledge required in TOEFL, with a lot of accompanying practice tests in Listening, Reading, and Structure and Written expression.

A large portion of the instruction will be dedicated to helping you recognize and identify different syntactical structure tested in TOEFL. You will also learn a number of test strategies required in TOEFL.

It is a rigorous course focusing on the three (3) skill areas tested: Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension. The course will cover various topics in grammar, such as subj-verb Agreement, Verbs & Time Words, Word Order, Word Forms, Clauses, Participles, Article Usage, Gerunds & Infinities, and Commonly Confused Words. In listening, we will review Idiomatic Expressions, Phrasal Verbs, Pronunciation Distinctions, and comprehending formal and informal English. Reading covers Main Idea, Vocabulary in Context, Fact vs. Inference, and Negative Questions. Lots of homework and timed practice tests will help you in all areas.


UAD Students Rp. 350.000
Non-UAD Students Rp. 450.000


  • 20 meetings , 120 minutes each
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors
  • Cozy, air conditioned classrooms
  • Certificates
  • TOEFL test simulation