ADLC participated in BIPA Symposium held by Balai Bahasa DIY on Wednesday, 18 April 2018. The event was entitled “Partnership Synergy for Developing BIPA Teachings”. There were three speakers presenting their paper. The first paper is entitled “A Sharing Experience of BIPA Teaching in Europe” presented by Ari Kusmiatun (UNY). The second one is “Building the Prestige of Bahasa Indonesia” by Pardi Suratno (Balai Bahasa DIY). The last speech is “The Role of APPBIPA in DIY” by Suharsono (UGM, APPBIPA Jogja). In addition, Agus Soehandjono introduced FORKOM BIPA DIY (the forum of BIPA Institutions in Jogja) and its program to the audience.  The participants were the teachers, students, as well as the management staff of BIPA institutions in the area of Yogyakarta.